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Including Global Charades, Tattoos/Body Mods, AfterParty 24LAD, Sports with Balls, Military Matters, Comedy & Cats, Crime & Justice, Courtroom Art, Entrepreneurs, and much more.

What We Are Doing

TalkCenterAmerica is a new kind of television program.  It's starts like talk radio, but is much more with video of the callers and whatever they want to show on their smartphone, pad, or webcam enabled computer.

Our Project:  Video Caller Television is a new TV genre being created by Wolzien LLC using patented Video Call Center  technology.  Multiple callers from around the world connect individually via IP video services like Skype(R), are screened by producers and sent to the show host for final switching to air using assistive automation.  Uniquely for TV, the host controls the air.  There is no control room.  The system combines the democracy of the web (anybody can call) with the editorial curration necessary for responsible television at operating costs similar to talk radio. We're right at the intersection of social and mass media; TV and the web.

Our Laboratory Show:  TalkCenterAmerica is the developmental program platform designed to learn about new content forms that can be created through The Video Call Center  and to perfect the unique, hybrid web-broadcast technology under the extreme stresses of real-time, live television.

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